Decisions while you wait!

No resolution guaranteed!

The Loss Adjusters (TLA) is an independent organisation founded in 1886 that documents and assesses various losses incurred due to natural disasters.

TLA is an itinerant organisation with no home office allowing us to move freely and loss adjust where ever we are needed. We feel that currently this need is felt greatest in Christchurch city, especially with the well-documented cases of unresolved and delayed claims with other insurers. At present we are assessing losses incurred due to the seismic activity that has been occurring in the Canterbury area since September 2010.

Our current team is comprised of a Stenographer who will take the details of your claim, a Sketch Artist who will sketch the thing being claimed for, a Photographer who will create a visual record of the thing, a Supervisor who watches over the team, and an Adjudicator who will assess your claim. Each of our team members is a professional with years of loss adjustment experience.

TLA will provide the claimant with an instant, non-negotiable decision with no resolution guaranteed. Simply lodge a claim with us, assist us in filling out the appropriate paper work and await a result.