Alex Lovell-Smith is a Dunedin, New Zealand, based photographer exploring geographic and societal isolation. His work explores the concept of external perspective through travel and the presence, and absence, of others. His photographs often recreate imagery and scenes that lead the viewer to their own narrative.

Lovell-Smith is interested in challenging the uneasy relationship photography has with the commodification of images. His images often include aspects and subjects that are over emphasised, twisted or disproportionate. He looks for contrast in his subject matter as a means of engaging the viewer.

His masters’ dissertation, The Selfie and the Conceptual Photograph looks at the interplay between the photo as a tool of self-documentation and reality in a world consumed with the act of recording and sharing images in the digital realm.

Alex has a Master of Fine Art from the Dunedin School of Art and teaches at the Otago Polytechnic.

Portrait: Emily Hlavac-Green

︎     ︎     ︎       [+64] 027 253 8418